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What we do
We are BI experts. BI is a key source of knowledge that enables the successful implementation of management strategies that focus on the customer as the main source of value generation for companies.

A strategy in which the customer plays a pivotal role in value generation.
To develop profound customer knowledge is a key management area to define and implement this strategy in a successful way.

BI helps companies to efficiently address the two main changes in the paradigms of business management that are taking place today:

- The change from creatively driven marketing to a new 21st century marketing based on client knowledge, which is more science than art.

- The effective introduction of client-centred management strategies in companies, whose implementation results in changes to organizational structures, company culture, resources, marketing and commercial strategies.
Business Intelligence - OUTCOME ORIENTED
Business Intelligence - OUTCOME ORIENTED
At MBD we believe BI is not an end in itself, but rather a means to an end. It is an essential phase in a series of actions that have the goal of capturing, retaining, developing and managing clients in the most efficient way, thus increasing the company's profitability and value.

BI transforms customer data stored in company datamarts into valuable knowledge. The data can come from multiple sources and may originate from internal or external systems.

Customer knowledge is the cornerstone that allows companies, through the use of marketing and sales techniques, to define efficient and profitable programmes and actions for management of, and interaction with, current and prospective clients.

The results and information generated by these actions and programmes, extremely useful in themselves, produce a virtuous circle feeding the next round of BI analysis, which allows the company to enrich its customer knowledge to create a better user experience with the company.
Our quality service and successful project outcomes result from a unique combination of knowledge in 3 disciplines, all of which are essential for the success of BI projects:

We integrate these through the use of our multidisciplinary teams that have expertise in Database technology, Data minig tools and marketing and sales knowledge; all 3 disciplines are necessary to obtain tangible, measurable results that add value for the companies we work with.
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