MBD Consultores - Business Intelligence

MBD Consultores. Business Intelligence.
Loyalty and relationship marketing
It deals with marketing focused on the company-customer relation, user experience and loyalty.. the things that matter and generate value to the business.
Blog in which they discuss interesting thoughts regarding relational marketing and a compilation of business cases in different industries and sectors.
Interesting spanish blog that deals with relationship marketing, incentives and loyalty.
Explains interesting cases and examples of good customer management and the business value derived from them.
This web aims to deliver topical, practical content to CRM and customer management professionals in business.
Management and business trends
Business and economy magazine specialized in LatinAmerica.
Internet version of the excelent business magazine with very interesting additional content (blogs, slideshows...).
Internet version of the excellent business, technology and innovation magazine.
Corporate web of probably the most important innovation and design company of the world.
Interesting blog of a spanish internet entrepeneur, founder of : Idealista.com, 11870.com, amongst other... has a fresh view on business trends and customer management.
Web specialized in the retail sector: news, cases, marketing, trends, etc etc
Video talks by opinon leaders, thinkers in multiple and interesting subjects: economy, design, trends, politycs, sociology, business, social networks, media,etc..
Internet version of this well-known business paper.
Web that deals with everything related to marketing, communication, publicity and public relations.
Blog that defines itself as a place where marketing professionals and lovers meet, to share their knowledge, discuss and most of all, to learn.
Spanish blog with examples and cases of interesting marketing campaigns.
Participative web in which the members read, writte and diaologue about marketing, publicity and communication.
Spanish blog focused on the idea that all companies, regardless of their dimension, have the knowledge and means to propell their brands without needing huge investments.
Interesting spanish web that defines itself as the direct marketing, publicity and brands web.
Spanish marketing journal with various subjects.
Describes itself as the spanish marketing and publicity journal.
Social networks and online comunnities
Blog that underlines the importance of conversations and communities in everyday life and in company-customer relations.
Forrrester´s blog that analizes how people and technology are changing comunnication and marketing all over the world.
Blog about marketing strategy, design and social networks and human interacction.
Blog focused on Public relations and communication 2.0.
Web that compilates articles and papers by authors that define themselves as social media and web 2.0 experts.
Blog that shows the latest trends and developments in social media.
Technology and marketing
Blog about interactive marketing.
Interesting blog by an Insituto de Empresa (IE) professor dealing with technology and infomation systems.
Blog focused on in innovation, technology and their use in communication.
A blog that analyses technology-enabled, customer-centric marketing and the strategic and executional opportunities it presents.
One of the world's leading trend firms, trendwatching.com scans the globe for emerging consumer trends.
Business Intelligence
Peppers and Rogers blog focused in BI and customer knowledge as business value generators.
Internet and on-line world
Jeff Jarvis´ blog. Dealing with internet, companies and communication trends.
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