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Commercial management
Commercial management
We help companies improve the customer acquisition and management processes by prioritising selective acquisition targets and assigning clients to the best channel.
Acquisition Profiles
The company’s business resources are limited making it necessary to select the most appropriate prospective clients on which to focus the acquisition efforts. It is important to focus on those customers with a reasonable acquisition cost compared with the higher value they bring to the company through the channels and tools available to the organisation.

We explore the current client portfolio to establish which profiles are worth more to the company and which are more likely to result in success for the acquisition programmes using external databases. Knowledge of these profiles enhances the effectiveness and the return on the company’s marketing activities
Furthering Geographic Expansion
It is crucial to explore whether the business is the right size geographically. To establish whether it has too many underused resources in any region or if there are regions with potential that are not covered. By answering these questions the firm will manage its business resources more efficiently and improve customer acquisition.

We analyse the geographical distribution of the business’s sales organisation to find out whether it is the best one for serving the current and potential market. Based on socio-demographic data, well defined sales strategies and the profiles of prospective clients, we can establish: target regions, a sales action plan, targets per region and client segments.
Customer acquisition and management networks and channels
Companies operate an ever increasing number of channels for attracting and managing customers with widely varying costs, scope and levels of efficiency. Establishing parameters for optimising these channels generates an improvement in the acquisition ratios of high value customers and also allows us to maximise their cost-effectiveness by adjusting their size.

We examine the existing business networks and channels (offices, call-centres, internet, agents…) including their scope, management models, competences and their relationship with the company management to establish a set of criteria, guidelines and measures aimed at streamlining them and increasing their productivity in the acquisition and management of high value customers.
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