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Customer interaction appraisal
Customer interaction appraisal
We help companies in mining the data deriving from the interaction with their clients through the various channels to obtain valuable insight and enhance management policies and one-to-one programme which seek to raise the levels of satisfaction and engagement amongst customers.
Changes in customer behavior associated with initiatives
By interacting with clients (promotions, offers, launches, upgrades…) the company seeks a profitable short term response and one which generates value in the medium and long term. Although the return on these efforts is often very difficult to quantify, it is unquestionably of primary importance to measure the impact these initiatives have on customer behaviour if we hope to deliver a successful sales strategy.

We evaluate and quantify the impact of the actions taken on current and future customer behaviour in order to consolidate the most profitable customers and purge or re-model those which are not.
Appraisal of loyalty tools and programs
An increasing number of firms operate a loyalty programme for their customers, considered a key tool for engaging them and adding value to the business. In order obtain the best possible qualitative and quantitative return from these programmes it is essential to analyse, measure and design formulas for their improvement.

We calculate the efficiency and profitability of the existing strategies and tools of the loyalty programmes by analysing and quantifying customer response to them, measuring how convenient they are to use, and improving the match between the instrument and the client segment.
Contact Center information mining
Client communication and dialogue with the business is a clear sign of their interest in the company. Moreover, these contacts contain key insight into the customers’ perception of the company, its product or service and the extent to which it satisfies their needs. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the data generated to extract practical knowledge in order to further improvement is one of the most important facets of modern business management.

From the Contact Center data we glean customer insight and key information about their experiences which enable the company to develop an action plan for improvement in order to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement and maximise the performance of the prevention and portfolio development models.
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