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Operational information
Operational information
A key factor when developing a client-centred strategy is to have relevant, organised and structured information about the company allowing productive project development and business intelligence analysis in order to gain maximum client insight from the information and data available in the company.
If high calibre information is not available in the business it will be impossible to extract any useful insight. Having a sufficient amount of information and in the correct format is the basis on which any BI analysis is conducted.

We develop data bases which consolidate data from the various company information systems to provide integrated, flexible and manageable information which will respond to any analysis or ad-hoc enquiry.
Dashboards / Performance Reports
It is vital for companies to hold clear and reliable information relating to the development of their business. Making the best business decisions with a lot of information but little knowledge is very complex indeed.

We draft regular reports and attractively presented complete balanced scorecards to enable the monitoring and tracking of key indicators for the different variables in the business, permitting the early detection of problems and opportunities and favouring good business decisions.
Ad-hoc analyses
The company frequently needs to make quick decisions based on specific information sources not normally used in the daily management tasks.

We conduct full and practical detailed analyses and surveys, which allow the management team to visualise business or market situations and make timely decisions using relevant, coherent and high calibre information. We help our clients develop, in terms of loyalty and profitability, by identifying distinct customer types and profiles, allowing the company to design “one-to-one" initiatives and manage available resources efficiently.
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