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This is MBD
We have a different way of thinking, acting and working. We are a team and if you want to get to know us better here are some opinions and comments from a few of our people.
Santiago Bermúdez. Senior Consultant.
I especially value the opportunity to contribute my ideas to solve day to day problems. Being employed at MBD I am challenged intellectually every day.

This is not a job in which there is a routine. Every business, client, investigation and project needs a different focus, which gives me the opportunity both to contribute and to learn.

I do not feel it is MBD who has to choose you, but it is you who has to choose MBD.
Javier González. T.I. Manager
At the beginning of each day we have coffee while we chat about the latest news, games, TV … it depends on the day.

During the morning I work on my projects or attend to the requests of our colleagues who are with clients and at lunchtime I normally go to the gymnasium, unless we have managed to persuade people in the office to play a game of tennis or football (yesterday we crushed the guys in another company, I don't know what they were thinking of when they challenged us!...).
Paloma Torre. Consultant.
I leave the client's office and catch a taxi to our office. When I get to the office I find Lucia has made a cake! They take good care of us! Then a computer and my boss await me. I wonder how many years it will be before I have an office of my own, but I believe everything will come at the right time because so far I have produced good work and MBD has been good at helping me accomplish my goals and develop my career, so I hope things keep going like that.
Jose Antonio Muñóz. Consultant.
In a typical day's work you face various situations: a short consultation, a problem with a report or a new investigation. All of this involves evaluating the points of view of all the team which is why we have requent meetings with the client and with colleagues at MBD.
Sonia Martínez. Senior Consultant .
I have just presented the results of the project we have been working on for the last few months to our client's Marketing Department (they were very pleased with the results!). At MBD they are not shy of “throwing you in at the deep end” if they see that you work hard from the beginning. I was a little nervous, but not too many questions had been raised in the previous meeting we had yesterday with the associate director so I felt confident enough.
Joaquín Tapiador. Consultant.
I work at one of our client´s offices. That implies being able to align their goals with ours, but often I have to go to the MBD office, either to attend a training course or to work in the execution of a process that our technical department has automated. For a few minutes before starting to work I take advantage of the time there with my companions to chat a while or to view and comment on some youtube video..
Olatz Tuduri. Consultant.
We work at the offices of a company that tries to constantly improve the knowledge of their clients, with the aim of keeping them appropriately informed and helping them adapt to continuous changes in the market. Our client often asks us to undertake studies and projects related to products, prices or particular customer profiles.

The work is sometimes complex and demanding. Sometimes long hours are called for, but there is always a good working environment. We are all quite young with similar concerns and that makes our work very pleasant.
Luís Velasco. Business development manager.
Since starting to work here what I like most is the work environment, team spirit and the culture of continually looking for quality in our job; always trying to deliver more than the client expects is the norm here. Without doubt, MBD is not the company for people who will step on their colleagues to achieve their own objectives.
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